Human Resources

LiteBlue USPS Human Resources portal is part of United postal services. This portal allows USPS human resources employees to manage and access USPS employee’s information in one place. Users can access their financial data, medical plans, retirement, leave and salary information from the portal. Read this article to find more LiteBlue HR portal and its benefits.

LiteBlue USPS Human Resources

LiteBlue HR portal provides information and detail regarding employees and USPS. The portal has different guides and sections that provide information regarding USPS employee day to day works and benefits. Employees can access this portal from LiteBlue login or they can visit the USPS Human Resource page.

Lite Blue Human Resources

LiteBlue USPS Human Resources Feature and Benefits

LiteBlue HR department has four categories of benefits,


  • USPS employees can access Flexible Spending Account from this portal. Flexible spending is a separate account that allows users to pay medical and health copayment without paying tax. These out-of-pocket funds are the same as others, but users don’t need to pay taxation on Flexible spending funds.
  • USPS provides Health Savings Account or HAS from Liteblue HR portal. This account is just for paying bills and payment on health-related expenses, but employees own this account, not the company. Funds in HAS are also exempt from tax.
  • Employees can access their Thrift Savings Plan, it’s similar to the 401K plan but just for government employees.


  • Health Benefits (FEHB)
  • USPS Health Benefits Plan
  • Dental/Vision Program (FEDVIP)
  • Group Life Insurance (FEGLI)
  • Long Term Care (FLTCIP)
  • Affordable Care Act


  • USPS employees can access their salary information from LiteBlue USPS human resources portal. They can access the benefits, ePayroll and other payment-related details too.
  • Every employee and associate can access their leave related information from the portal. There are several types of leave available like annual leave, leave exchange program, leave sharing, sick leave, medical leave and military leave. All of this information is available at LiteBlue HR portal.

Money Management

  • Employees can find their Retirement related details on the portal. USPS human resources portal provides support and management of your retirement plans.
  • For those employees who have to commute every day, USPS has a separate Commuter Program.
  • USPS provides Direct Deposit benefits for employees and associates on LiteBlue HR portal
  • USPS cares about their employees and that is why they have created a Financial Wellness program. In this program, users can find how to manage their financial details for long term expenses and retirement.


United States Postal Employees have several benefits and advantages by working at USPS. They can access different employee login portals like LiteBlue, SSP and others to find more detail about it.

In this article, we have provided information about LiteBlue USPS human resources portal and its benefits. This portal provides all the necessary information to employees and the HR department. If you have any questions regarding LiteBlue HR portal, ask us in the comment section.