LiteBlue eRetire

LiteBlue eRetire is an online portal created by USPS for their employees. This portal caters to every employee and provides them information regarding USPS retirement plans. Employees can get different benefits like retirement planning, counseling and more directly from the portal. Read this article to find more details about how LiteBlue eRetire works and what are the benefits.

LiteBlue eRetire

USPS offers their employee retirement benefits and counseling. Employees can access the eRetire portal directly from the LiteBlue login page. However, in order to access their information, there are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled.

USPS Retirement Eligibility at eRetire

  • Employees who are within five years of retirement
  • Employees who are within 6 months or 180 days of retirement
  • Employees who are currently eligible for retirement

Every USPS employee needs to fulfill these requirements in order to access their information on eRetire portal. employees are allowed to access certain information based on their criteria.

USPS eRetire Benefits of 

Benefits and information on this portal are subject to eligibility, employees can access only that information that is available to them based on their retirement plan. Employees who are closer to retirement can access more data on the portal.

  • Employees who are within 5 years of retirement can access their annuity estimate for a specific date.
  • They can also access retirement eligibility date, eligibility date plus 6 months or 1 year
  • They can view and print annuity estimate from the portal
  • Employees who are within 6 months or 180 days of retirement can access their Annuity and print them
  • They can request a retirement application package which they can download online or receive in the mail
  • Employees can pick an exact date of retirement that falls under 180 days of their retirement
  • USPS employees can schedule retirement counseling sessions directly from eRetire portal.

Make sure to visit the official USPS retirement portal first and read all the information carefully to understand how the eRetire works. Some of the benefits are restricted to employees who are not within the retirement range but they can access their annuity.


USPS retirement plans are well suited for every employee and they can access all this information directly from LiteBlue eRetire portal. employees can visit the LiteBlue HR portal and find more information regarding their retirement plans. In this article, we have provided details about how USPS LiteBlue eRetire works and its benefits. If you have any questions regarding USPS retirement, ask us in the comment section.