USPS LiteBlue Benefits

USPS LiteBlue is an employee login portal created for United States postal services. employees and associates can access this portal with their employee ID(EID) and password (SSP password). Liteblue is an all-inclusive portal containing information regarding schedules, ePayroll, retirement and links to others portals too. Read this article to find more information about USPS LiteBlue Benefits.

USPS LiteBlue Benefits

  • USPS employees can access their Medical benefits with Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHB).
  • They can also avail benefits of the dental and vision insurance program under FEDVIP.
  • Every Employee (Career or non-career) will receive life insurance, fully paid by US Postal services.
  • USPS LiteBlue provides a Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) which works similarly to 401K plans. This plan provides saving options after retirement from USPS.
  • For employees who have to commute every day to work, USPS provides a commute program.
  • Along with health and medical programs, users can access Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) from LiteBlue login portal. This program provides assistance with out of the pocket expenses which are not covered by health insurance.
  • Users can check their schedules and day to day work assignment from the portal
  • Employees can access ePayroll which is an online version of payroll management. Users can view, download and print their payroll statements.
  • With PostalEase, employees can enroll in different benefits programs provided by the federal government directly from Liteblue portal.
  • Every employee can access their retirement plans on eRetire and find more information and counseling.

All of these benefits are available to every employee (some benefits are subject to eligibility) and they can be accessed directly from LiteBlue login portal. employees and associates need to provide their credentials first on the LiteBlue login page. All of the benefits are secured behind the login page and only accessed by USPS employees. Users can get more information about what kind of services they can access from the portal from Liteblue HR portal.


The LiteBlue Login page is created by USPS for their employees and associates. USPS has more than 600,000 employees and in order to manage them, they have created a centralized employee management portal named LiteBlue. In this article, we have provided information about USPS LiteBlue Employee login portal benefits. If you have any questions regarding USPS liteblue, ask us in the comment section.