About Us – USPS LiteBlue

USPS LiteBlue provides exclusive access to all the postal services benefits for employees and associates. United State Postal Services is one of the largest postal departments in the world, they are also one of the biggest employers with more than 600,000 employees. In order to manage and communicate with their employees, they have created USPS LiteBlue login Portal.

About USPS

USPS or United States Postal Services was established in 1775 but its modern transformation was created in 1970 as an independent agency. Every day USPS delivers more than 660 million pieces of mail to around 142 million locations. They have more than 600,000 employees making it the third-largest civilian employer in the United States. To manage and stay connected with every employee, they have created a Liteblue Login portal.

About USPS Liteblue Login

Liteblue login is an employee management portal especially designed for USPS workers. It helps them stay connected with postal services and manage their own information as well. They can check their schedules, pay stub and other government benefits directly from Liteblue portal. USPS LiteBlue provides access to other portals such as PostalEase, ePayroll, eRetire and more. All of this portal can be accessed through LiteBlue once users successfully login with their USPS credential.


US Postal employees and associates get many benefits and services by the government. Benefits are subject to eligibility and employees need to qualify for some of the special benefits. In this article, we have provided information about USPS LiteBlue portal. If you have any questions regarding USPS employee login portal, ask us in the comment section.